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Recent Electronics Repair Projects:

Essex RADIO and TELEVISION Service is a family owned and operated business in Essex, Massachusetts, established by John and Betsy Bevilacqua over 60 years ago. We provide a wide range of electronic repair services for home, commercial and other applications. One of our specialties is the repair or restoration of vintage and antique electronic items. 


We also provide sound services for events, both outdoors and indoors, such as horse shows, town meetings, graduations, sporting events, etc. Learn more about the electronics repair services we offer >

Here are some examples of recent jobs that have come to us, with the typical reasons given by their owners:

• A 1960’s vintage RCA record player in a beautiful mahogany cabinet needed some routine repair. This was the owner’s record player growing up and had been stored in the attic for many years. When her children found a stack of records, it was time to dig out the old player. The customer wept hearing it playing again.


• A 1937 Philco console radio was brought in by the original owner’s son, who viewed the radio as a nostalgic reminder of his parents and their lives together, listening to some of the great old radio shows.


• A couple brought in a Fisher receiver from the early 70’s – a very heavy, quality unit that was also very costly when new. This was one of their wedding presents to each other, and will sound fantastic and provide great service for many years after refurbishment.


• A person brought in an old clock radio purchased at an antique flea market. They were stricken by the stylish design, the cool looking tubes, generally an authentic piece of history.


• The radio from a 1965 Ford Futura needed some work, the owner wanted this original radio in the dash to maintain the original look and feel of the car instead of “polluting” it with a modern replacement.

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