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There is a wealth of information about the world of radio and television out on the Internet, here are some of our favorite websites:

New England Vintage Electronics Club

First of all our own local New England Vintage Electronics Club (Formerly known as New England Antique Radio Club). Dedicated to the enjoyment of antique, vintage and collectible electronics. Very reasonable membership dues get you a great quarterly newsletter, and the club runs several swap meets each year.


Other sites are wide ranging collections of industry publications and recordings, such as:

American Radio History

This is a massive collection of magazines and other publications about the broadcasting industry (for example issues of “Broadcasting” magazine from 1931 through 2002), early radio, technology and engineering etc. Many of these are international, such as “Amateur Tape Recording” magazine from London, whose May 1960 cover featured a Grundig reel to reel tape recorder.

Old World Radio

Here you can find old time radio shows from the “Golden Age of Radio”. Sample categories include Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Western, and much more. Listen to episodes of “The Shadow” from the late 40’s, or Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch. Vintage commercials from the 1920’s through 1950 are fun.

Antique Radios

A collection of forums, resources, photos, clubs, etc.


Others are websites show the collections of individual collectors, often focusing on a special interest of their owners, such as:

Steven Johannessen Antique Radio Gallery

Steven’s interests seem focused on radios from the 1920’s and 1930’s.


Philco Radio

This one covers everything “Philco”, and includes a discussion forum where people can ask and answer questions about old Philco products and their restoration.


Another type of site is educational, and these provide tutorial and how-to material:

Electronics Tutorials

A broad selection of tutorials.

Vacuum Tube Information

A great explanation of the classic “All American Five” radio design.


Here are a couple of YouTube video collections where you are shown how things work and how to solve problems:

Mr Carlson's Lab

Mr Carlson has an incredible collection of videos covering all aspects of electronics, this has to be my favorite series of all.

Uncle Doug

Uncle Doug works on instrument amplifiers.

Radio wild

Radio wild is a very casual and entertaining collection of old radio and car information.


Here is something completely off topic that some of you might like:

The History of the Mini Cooper

The brief story of the Mini Cooper automobile

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