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  • Does Essex Radio and Television Service work on very old equipment?
    Much of what we do here at the shop involves vintage and antique electronics. People enjoy the warm, analog sound of this equipment – old glories built by the American brands you grew up with – General Electric, RCA Victor, Motorola, etc. People enjoy the beauty, quality and style of a bygone era, when things were built to last, rather than to fail one day after the warrantee is up and then to be thrown away.
  • What is the first step to bring vintage or antique electronics back to life?
    First – There are Several Basic Rules which must be followed when you have acquired an old piece of electronics or have rediscovered grandma’s old radio: 1. Do Not Power Up an Old Piece of Equipment until it has been checked over!! There are components in there which have certainly deteriorated over the past 50 to 80 years, and some of those can cause very severe damage to the device and its other components. We use a metered variac to raise the voltage slowly. 2. Be Aware That Electronic Devices Contain High Voltages That Can Cause Severe Injury or Death. Stay safe and let Essex Radio and Television Service (or a licensed technician) evaluate the item first. Learn more about the General Repair Process >
  • What is the difference between Restoration vs. Repair?
    There are many levels of effort that can be expended on old electronic equipment, from basic repairs to full restoration. Full restoration would replace or refurbish components to bring the device back to the same condition as when it left the factory. This can be expensive, requiring all original manufacturer’s or exact reproduction parts even in locations, such as under the chassis, that would never by seen. Basic repair will bring the device back to safe working condition using modern replacement components when originals are unavailable or very expensive. This is approach is less expensive and is chosen by the majority of Essex Radio and Television Service clients.
  • Can Essex Radio and Television Service pick up my item?
    If you need a local pick up to bring your electronic item in for repair, we can help. Just ask!
  • Our TV fell over and the screen has cracked, can this be fixed?"
    No, manufacturers rarely make replacement TV screens available, and when they do the cost for the part would be as much or more than the cost of a new set.
  • How do I dispose of our old electronic device?
    Each town on the North Shore has developed its own policies and procedures to handle the disposal of electronic equipment that may contain mercury or rare earth phosphors. This would include LCD and plasma televisions as well as CRT type TV's. In general, a coupon or sticker must be purchased and attached to the device, which would then be brought to a transfer station or left for road side pickup. We may be able to assist with disposal, particularly with older or tube devices from which useable parts could be salvaged.

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