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Essex Radio and Television Service provides the following electronics repair services and more *

Television Repair

Television Repair

We work on all kinds of TV’s, modern flat screen LCD and Plasma sets all the way back to vintage tube units. Unfortunately, many people think that televisions can’t be repaired any more, but this isn’t entirely true. If you have a set that you like and it has failed, why not have it checked out before throwing it away and buying a new one? However, if your set has a broken screen, know that screens can not be obtained at reasonable prices so we can’t help you with that.

Vintage Panasonic AM/FM Radio

Radio Repair

We service all kinds – antique and vintage models up to modern solid state and stereo radios. From small portable radios all the way up to console models, and also antique and vintage auto radios.

Fisher 400 Receiver

HiFi and Stereo Repair

Including receivers, preamps, amplifiers, etc. We especially enjoy bringing older tube units and the heavy duty solid state equipment of the 70’s and 80’s back to life.

AKAI Cassette Deck

Tape Player and Recorder Repair

Cassette as well as reel to reel, even 8-tracks.

Audio Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair

Common problems with speakers include deterioration of the foam strip sounding the speaker cone, burned out voice coils, etc. We can refoam or recone your speakers, and can check and repair other speaker components such as crossover networks, physical connections and even grille cloth.

Record Changer

Record Changer Repair

Interest in playing music on vinyl is increasing, so there is a demand for record player repair. The most common problems with older units involve grease that has hardened over the years and we can solve that.

Public Address System

Public Address System Repair

This category of activity includes the repair of mixers, amplifiers, speakers, microphones (wired and wireless) often used in commercial applications such as restaurants or stores, or in churches and government buildings.

Instrument Amplifier Repair

Instrument Amplifier and Accessory Repair

Guitar amplifiers have been common visitors to the shop, as well as pedals, and other accessory devices.

General Electronic Repairs

General Electronic Repair

This category is a catch all – meaning that we’ll take a look at just about anything, such as lamps and other household items. Just give a call to discuss your problem.

Sound Services for Events

Sound Services for Events

We also provide sound services for events, both outdoors and indoors, such as horse shows, town meetings, graduations, sporting events, etc.

Essex Radio and Television Service's truck is pictured here at the Gloucester, MA Schooner Races.

Essex Radio and Television Service knows that the price of new electronics has fallen over the years, and that parts can sometimes be difficult or impossible to find. In those cases, it might be better to replace an item than to repair it.


Our rule of thumb is that if a repair may approach half of the cost to replace, we will recommend that you replace the item.


Also, depending upon the item and its problem, we may charge a nominal checkout fee to cover the time to diagnose the problem. This fee will apply towards the repair if that becomes the chosen path.

Learn more about our General Repair Process >

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